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In-Foreclosure Homes

In-Foreclosure Homes Here at Max Cash Home Offers, we understand that foreclosure can be a really tough situation to experience. Foreclosure can ruin families and finances. Because the foreclosure process can take years, the

We Buy Ugly Homes

We Buy Ugly Homes! Do you own an ugly home? We buy ugly homes anywhere and everywhere. We’ve seen the worst and have purchased homes that are in really bad condition. We will take

Need to Move Fast

Need to Move Fast? Relocating soon? Get cash for your house, quick and easy. If you need to move fast, we can help you get cash for your home or property in as little

Bad Tenants or Eviction

Bad Tenants or Eviction Bad tenants are a huge liability for a homeowner. If the tenants are purposely exploiting laws meant to protect tenants, they can cause you greater stress. We are a great

Loan Modification Issues

Loan Modification Issues Trying to modify your home loan is very difficult. Sometimes, it seems as if there is no way out. You may have been fighting with the bank for years and still are not

Inheritance or Probate

Inheritance or Probate Have you inherited a property and are looking to cash out? We can help you get the maximum cash offer for your inherited property. We have a lot of experience at

We Buy Houses

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We offer cash for homes! You may be in a situation that is difficult and need to sell your house quickly. We can help with your situation. We are one of the Nation’s largest buyer of homes. Often our cash offers are the maximum cash deal you can get for your house without having to invest in it yourself. Max Cash Home Offers.

Often times, homeowners are in troubled situations like being stuck with bad tenants, going into foreclosure, needing to move very fast or any number of other troubling reasons you would need to sell your home fast for. In most cases like these homeowners need to sell their home fast, and that’s where we come in. We’ve surprised many homeowners by getting them a substantial amount of cash from their house before losing it to foreclosure.

You can start by getting a no-obligation cash offer for your home by filling out the form on this page. Our team will then contact you within twenty-four hours. We’ll ask you a few short questions about the property and discuss your situation. Check unsecuredloans 4u for financial needs.

We’ll then send someone to take a look at the house at your convenience and you’ll have a cash offer in hand very soon.


Q: What types of homes does your company purchase?

A:  We buy all types of homes. We buy homes as-is so if your home is ugly or damaged we can still take it off your hands. We understand that there are some homeowners dealing with tough financial situations, and may need to sell their home very quickly, we are your solution.  We want this to run as smooth as possible and for you to benefit from this process as much as we do.  We are here to help.  Max Cash Home Offers has helped many people in your specific situation sell their home.  Many people have been able to improve their financial circumstances by working with us and we can help you do the same.

Q: Are there any fees charged for your service?

A: No, we do not charge any fees when you decide to sell to us.  This is the main reason why we buy homes in cash.  We will explain everything during the process and show you that there are no hidden fees or costs associated with selling your home to us.  Once you accept an offer, that will be the amount we pay you.

Q: Does your company earn commission fees?

A: No, we do not collect any commission fees when you sell us your home.  We are not real estate agents, so no commission is involved in our deals.  We buy the home straight from you in cash.

Q: Do you buy homes that are in foreclosure?

A: Yes, we buy homes in every situation, even foreclosure. Foreclosure can ruin families and finances.  A lot of people think that once they go into foreclosure there are no options.  Max Cash Home Offers is that option you need.  We have a different solution that will allow you to stay in your home if that’s what you choose, or escape the situation with money in hand.  It is your choice, but we can help.

Q: What is the length of the process?

A: The length of time the process usually takes depends on the seller.  We are always ready to make a deal and follow through on a cash offer.  We understand that many homeowners are selling for cash to avoid foreclosures and bankruptcy and this needs to be a very quick process.  We can close from anywhere from 3 days to 30 days depending on the preference of the seller.

Q: Will I have to accept your offer?

A: No, our offers are absolutely no obligation cash offers.  We want both sides to benefit from this transaction.  If you feel our offer doesn’t benefit you or it’s not what you are looking for, you are more than welcome to decline our offer and sell your home elsewhere.

Q:  If I still have tenants living in the home can I still sell?

A:  Yes, if the home is being rented out to tenants we can still purchase the home.  Although, if there are tenants we will need to buy the home for a lower price because of holding time and eviction costs. Therefore, Max Cash Home Offers would evict the tenants. We do not buy rental properties.

Q: If I’m feeling overwhelmed and confused what should I do?

A: Many homeowners, unfortunately, do go through rough financial times; the good thing is you are not alone, and we are here to help.  Problems that you go through when you are selling your home are difficult but are even more difficult trying to tackle them on your own.  If there is anything you don’t understand when selling your home, we recommend asking questions right away.  It is perfectly normal to feel confused when being in a situation you are not used to, some homeowners inherit homes and are completely brand new to the process. Also, if there is any legal terminology that you don’t quite understand, we recommend investing in a legal dictionary to help you with the paperwork process.

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