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Need someone to buy houses in Cleveland? Max Cash Home Offers is here to help. We are experts at cash sales in Cleveland, and we understand the Ohio real estate market better than any other cash buyer.

We can buy your house no matter what condition it’s in, and in any situation. Whether you need to move across the country for a new job, or you just need to get rid of an extra property fast, we’re always here to help you.

We have been buying houses in Cleveland for years, and we can give you the highest possible cash offer for your home. Got a higher cash offer from someone else? We can beat it! Read on to learn more about the benefits of a cash sale with Max Cash Home Offers.we buy houses cleveland

Sell Your Home Quickly And Easily In Cleveland, And Get Cash Fast!

We buy houses in Cleveland – of all types, conditions, and in every neighborhood. If you have a house to sell in Cleveland, we want to see it! Our agents specialize in fast sales, and we can help you avoid the fees associated with a traditional home sale.

The average listing price of a home in Cleveland is around $79,000 but the typical median closing price is closer to $85,000. This means that you might have to spend almost 10% of your home’s value on closing costs, origination fees, title transfers, and real estate fees!

But since we buy houses in Cleveland for cash, we can avoid most of these fees – putting more cash in your pocket!

In addition, you won’t have to wait months to make a sale. The average time on the market spent in Cleveland is around 80 days, and can climb further with inspections, negotiations, repairs, and closing paperwork.

So don’t waste money on high fees and closing costs, and don’t wait months to sell your property. Sell your home to us now for cash!

We Give Cash Offers To Cleveland Residents Within 24 Hours!

We have several agents who operate in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, as well as in the rest of the state. If you are interested in selling your home, we will be able to come by to give you an appraisal and a cash offer within 24 hours.

Often, we may even be able to make an offer on the same day. If time is of the essence – if you need to avoid foreclosure, for example – this makes a cash sale from our team a great idea!

Behind On Your Cleveland Property Taxes? We Can Help!

Cleveland property tax rates can be quite high. The city of Cleveland proper has a tax rate of 1.92% and some surrounding neighborhoods like Lakewood have even higher rates of 2.49%.

In addition, you may also be responsible for paying county and municipal property taxes, which can add up to a seriously high tax bill.

If you don’t pay your property taxes, or you are far behind on payments, you will have to pay sky-high interest rates of up to 12, which compound based on total owed payments. And if you remain in tax trouble for an extended period of time, a tax lien or tax foreclosure could be placed on your home.

A cash sale allows you to quickly discharge your property, and use the proceeds from the sale to pay back taxes – which can save you a lot of money and trouble in the long run. This also helps you avoid loan modification issues.

The Top Factors That Affect The Value Of Your Home

There are a number of factors that can affect the value of your home, but we buy houses in Cleveland no matter what condition they are in! Here are a few examples of things that may affect your home’s value.

  •  Neighborhood and County – Homes in higher-income neighborhoods, or in counties with attractive tax rates or good school districts usually command a higher price.
  • Home condition – If your home has serious aesthetic issues, or requires replacement of major systems such as plumbing or HVAC systems, it’s likely to have a lower value.
  • Modifications and upgrades – Some modifications and upgrades, like a new deck or a renovated bathroom, can have a positive impact on the value of your home. Others, such as custom wallpaper or patterned carpeting, can actually have a negative impact on home value.
  • Curb appeal – Homes that look new, and have an attractive facade, will usually sell for more than homes that are dirty or could use some exterior renovations.

The Benefits Of Choosing A Cash Sale

Why should you choose a cash sale, rather than a traditional real estate sale? Here are a few more benefits.

  1.  Immediate cash payments – Cash sales do not require a loan of any kind. We pay you immediately, allowing you to avoid waiting weeks for a bank to issue your payment.
  2. Simple sale of rental property – Selling a rental property can be difficult, but as long as the lease your tenants signed allows for property transfer, we can take over the property and pay you quickly in cash. This can allow you to avoid issues like demanding payment for damages to your property or beginning eviction proceedings on your own.
  3. Choose your own closing date – You can choose when you’d like to sell your home! Pick a date that works for you, and you can stay in your home until then. Or, you can sell your home immediately, and lease it back from us until you’ve found a new place to live.
  4. Contact Us Today – We Buy Houses In Cleveland For Cash!

If you need to sell your home quickly for any reason, we’ll buy it, no questions asked. We accept homes of all types and conditions, and we buy houses in Cleveland – as well as the surrounding suburbs and townships.

So don’t wait. Sell your home today for cash, and see how easy things can be with Max Cash Home Offers.

Max Cash Home Offers offers instant cash offers on houses nationwide. We do not provide legal or financial advice. For information on foreclosure, eviction or any other legal situation make sure you contact a local attorney.


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