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These are real testimonials that were written by clients who took part in a survey following their experience with Max Cash Home Offers. Their overall experience with our service was great, but we’ll let you see for yourself. Read more about them below in their testimonials. Most of our clients are/were located in Los Angeles County.

“My brothers and I couldn’t decide what to do with our childhood home after our mother joined our father in the next life. We all have our own families and homes now so we didn’t feel the need to hold on to it anymore. Max Cash Home Offers took the house off of our hands for about 75% of its worth, which isn’t bad considering we probably would have spent just as much making repairs. We’re grateful and look forward to adding the money to our kids’ college savings!” –Clara M., El Monte

“Thanks for buying our house! We honestly weren’t expecting the process to run so smoothly (I think I was even more skeptical than my wife). You have no idea how much we needed the money! Definitely recommending to friends and family.” –David and Mariela G., Van Nuys

“When I lost my job and was in danger of foreclosure I had to relocate immediately for a new job. Max Cash Home Offers gave me the money I needed to relocate my family and get a fresh start.” –Anthony C., Bellflower

“My partner and I were hoping to downsize after our youngest left for college. We really didn’t want to deal with people and real estate agents so we looked up “cash for homes”. We finally came across Max Cash and figured we’d give it a try. Thank heavens we did! It was seriously so easy and we got a fair price for the house. We were able to move within a 2-week window.” –Sharon P., Los Angeles

“There are a lot of scams out there, so I’m not sure if I was really expecting anything. But they went above and beyond to make sure I knew that they are a legit business and this is what they do. Pretty great service in my book!” –Anonymous, Baldwin Park

“Being an owner and leasing the property wasn’t as stress-free as I thought it would be. Some tenants are just a bit too demanding and always need something. It’s a headache and honestly, their rent tends to go right back to the property for maintenance. I sold the property through Max Cash Home Offers and got back most of what I invested. I’m excited to take this money and go in a different direction business-wise. Easy company to work with and reliable. I would recommend it to anyone that needs to sell a property.” –Adam G., Los Angeles

If you find that you’re able to relate to any of these testimonials, then we implore you to contact us today. Don’t wait for debt and foreclosure to consume you! Sell your home today and start anew!

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