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If you are having difficulty keeping up with payments on your home for whatever reason, don’t let the bank be the deciding factor in what happens to you and your family. Instead, make the executive decision and take the future of your family into your own hands. Contact us today so that we can take your home off of your hands and help you financially. By allowing us to purchase your home, you can at least walk away with some money in your pocket instead of coming to a dead end by waiting on the bank or a real estate agency to rescue you. That rescue may not be for weeks or even months, as selling a house through traditional means is time-consuming.

The frustration and emotion that takes place during hard financial times can be traumatizing. Foreclosed homes are responsible for the suffering of families across the nation. So what are families to do when they have to sell their homes fast?At Max Cash Home Offers, we offer cash for homes in Irvine to ease the stress of dealing with banks and realtors. Not foreclosing, but still want to sell your home? No problem! Continue reading below to find out if you’re eligible to receive cash for your home today!

Difficult Tenants

Are you dealing with challenging tenants in your home that are costing you money? If you are having trouble with the eviction process and it’s bringing you more stress than money, then it sounds like you should give us a call! We can connect you with a buyer that will make a cash offer to you and take the problem off your hands ASAP. Don’t deal with more than you need to, sell your home fast and move on to another financial investment.

Loan Modification

If you’re having issues with a loan modification, you are also eligible for receiving cash for your home! Sometimes it can feel like you’re trapped in debt and there’s little to no room for modification to your loan payments. Don’t continue to struggle with unaffordable payments on your home loans. Get the cash through our facilitated system and get out of debt.


If you inherited a home that you don’t want or will cost you more than you can make, then you too are eligible! We also give cash for homes that have been inherited. Sometimes houses are a bit more than just a “fixer-upper” and need a lot of maintenance before they can be useful again. We can take that burden off of your hands.

At the end of the day, being a homeowner can be very expensive and cause more of a headache when unfortunate situations fall upon you unexpectedly. With Max Cash Home Offers, you don’t have to wonder or struggle alone. Someone will come in to review your home and make a cash offer for you that same day. So, if you are in the Irvine area and struggling with what to do with your home, let us help you ease the burden! Contact us today and have peace of mind for tomorrow. Max Cash Home Offers will take care of you.

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