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5 Signs You Should Break Up With Your Realtor 

Almost everyone has experienced being in a relationship that they don’t want to be in, but most people don’t do what they should do, which is break it off! Especially in a relationship that is not benefiting you one bit. End it, be a little selfish, it will benefit you in the future. If you own a home, it’s almost guaranteed you’ve felt like this while dealing with a realtor that doesn’t deserve you. Yes, real estate agents seem SO nice at first; but they promise a lot of things and then do not even come close to delivering those promises. Nowadays it is so difficult to find a realtor you can trust and that will really try to help you. You may even feel stuck with a realtor once you commit to one, similar to that boyfriend or girlfriend we are too scared to break up with. Luckily for you, we have compiled 5 signs that you should break up with your realtor and even outlined how to get it done.  

  1. They’re not that into you! 

Realtors constantly have new clients agreeing to work with them and at any given time have about 15 properties on the market. Having that many clients and that many houses to worry about gives them very little time to worry about your needs and wishes. You can easily be forgotten and ignored by a realtor. Out of all the 15 properties, chances are your property is not their number one priority. If you are not their number one priority how are they supposed to help you close fast? Exactly, they can’t. A fast and simple way to get out of that relationship is simply to send a text to your realtor explaining that you are better off seeing other people.  

  1. It’s Been Days and Still ZERO Offers 

You’ve prepped your house and have gotten it ready to sell to the highest bidder, you thought you found a realtor you could trust to hand it off to and run across the sale finish line, and your realtor completely fumbles the listing. It’s been days and you still have not received an offer on your home. Your home looks beautiful what went wrong? Most likely your realtor did not market your property effectively. By now you should have received many offers on your home and should be choosing the highest and qualified offer! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Sit your realtor down and tell them it isn’t you, it’s them 

  1. They’re Double-Dipping 

This one is exactly what it says, realtors are looking out for themselves and themselves only. Many realtors in order to make as much money as possible like to work both sides of a deal so that they earn commission on both ends for representing both the seller and the buyer. This can definitely play a huge roll in which houses a realtor is willing to show you, meaning they will only show you houses that they are representing to give them a better chance of getting paid the most amount of money from a deal. How do you stick it to your realtor and break up with them? Try introducing them to your new realtor at a dinner meeting! #Awkward  

  1. Swipe left, Way left! 

It’s just like tinder! You can get rid of a real estate agent so easily if you are unhappy with them. The great thing about getting rid of a realtor is that there are so many other options out there for you to choose from. There are over 2 million active real estate licensees in the U.S. so take your pick from. As many people say, there is plenty of fish in the sea, which is the same in the real estate industry. Don’t be afraid to swipe left if you are not satisfied with a realtor. Keep swiping left until you find Mr. Or Mrs. Right Realtor. 

  1. They don’t have your best interest in mind 

Any person who has ever been in a business relationship with a realtor can probably recall asking the real estate agent “if it’s a good time to sell” or “if it’s a good time to buy”. Every single time they are asked this question they say NOW is a great time to buy or sell. These realtors are strictly here for the commission and do not have your best interest in mind at all. Stay away from these realtors they are all money hungry people. An easy way to end a relationship like this is to simply send them an email saying it is time to part ways.  

These are 5 signs you should break up with your realtor and how to do it. This gives you a chance to find a realtor who really cares. Try unsecured loans no guarantor it also leaves you at risk of continuing working with realtors who are not looking out for your best interest. Who needs a realtor when you can sell your home within 7 days with us. Breakup with your realtor and sell your house with Max Cash Home Offers today! Stop waiting and start living.  

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Author: Ryan Cruz

Ryan received his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the University of La Verne. Ryan has a strong passion for marketing and the real estate industry while leading and managing all online marketing efforts for Max Cash Home Offers.

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