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You Know You’re a Los Angeles Landlord When

We know it’s tough to be a landlord in Los Angeles. Tending to your property to make sure that it stays in the best condition possible take a lot of attention and time. We love LA, but being a landlord here, sure does have its challenges. You have to be light-hearted and keep a positive attitude to keep getting things done. We’ve compiled a list that lets you know you’re a Los Angeles landlord when…

#1 You Really Only Have Six Days in a Week

Yep, you can lose out on up to a day a week dealing with the myriad of issues with your property. From damages, severely clogged drains, damaged pipes, leaky roofs or chasing rent payments, you can lose out on time that could otherwise be spent with family and friends. You probably never account for all the time you spend managing your property but if you didn’t you’d think twice about asking yourself if it’s worth it.

#2 Your Hands are Perpetually Covered in Paint

Let me tell you that those home repair shows are all lies. You know and I know that it doesn’t take three minutes to paint a room. However, there’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint as an easy way to give that look of newness. It’s likely you still got paint under your fingernails from the last repair. Tenants usually leave damages to paint and most of the times a new paint can help unless you’re on your tenth coat.

#3 You’ve Actually Considered Paying up to $8K for Eviction Assistance.

This in no way a laughing matter. But when you have tenants that take advantage of laws meant to protect them, things can get out of hand. It can make you feel trapped and fearful of taking the appropriate steps. We know you’ve thought of paying whatever you need to pay to get those troubled tenants out! There are companies that specialize in evictions and you’ve likely taken a peek. Evicting tenants in Los Angeles or California has very strict laws and you’d could be severely penalized if you don’t follow them to a tee. You’ve been very understanding and you know everyone goes through tough times. But when some tenants take advantage of laws, it can make you feel helpless.

#4 You and the Home Depot Employees are on a First Name Basis

You have no trouble finding your best friends at Home Depot because you’re always there. With the Hot Dog truck that’s usually parked outside, it might seem like a second home, even more so when employees call you by name. You know your way around every aisle and have found yourself there on the weekends or even late afternoons, but we know that’s not where you want to be. You’ll always have a backup gig at Home Depot but let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

#5 You Have More Tenant Cell Contacts than Friends or Family

Do you have saved numbers in your phone like plumber, heating guy, roof man, plumber guy #2 and other names for all of your handymen? You got to have these just in case. In fact, if you scroll through your phone you’d be surprised how many of these that you have in your contact list. You also value these contacts as you’ve gone through several shady handymen or companies that have overcharged you or simply have not delivered.

#6 Your Vacant Properties are Always Up for Showing

You have become an expert at listing and re-listing your rental property. You do the best you can to screen the tenants in terms of quality score and background. However, you never seem to get those perfect tenants. You might even recall the perfect tenants you had for one year and how sweet it was to never receive a call and always receive rent on time. Well, unfortunately, that’s not the case and you always find yourself back to searching for those perfect tenants once again.

Listing your property for rent in Los Angeles is difficult. There are fees that allow you to post like Craigslist for a fee as well as other local rental websites. However, the countless applications you receive can take a lot of time to sift through. Then there’s always rental scams of people that want to rent by sending you prepayment for several few months if you send them the rest of the check. Yes, this happens so be careful as you screen tenants.

#7 Your Tenants’ Debt to Income Ratio Leaves You Sleepless

Who says landlords don’t have hearts? Even the best landlords have let un-qualified tenants with bad-credit rent out their house. We’ve all had tenants write heartfelt letters explaining their less than stellar credit and how they will make every rent payment on time. This doesn’t help the worrying of not knowing if you’ll get the rent payment in time to cover your expenses. This can wreak havoc on your finances if your tenants start missing payments.

 #8 You’ve considered selling your property multiple times.

Bet you can’t count how many times you’ve thought that it might be better to just sell your property. Issue after issue, tenant after tenant you’ve thought of waving the white flag more than several times. You’ve haven’t gotten to this point cause you’ve been quick to sell your property. You’ve been worn down and you deserve to move on to greener pastures. Selling your property to Max Cash Home offers gives you an opportunity to sell fast without the hassles of putting your house on the market with tenants. Putting a property for sale in Los Angeles can take up to three months on average to sell. Even longer for those houses with troubled tenants.

Max Cash Home Offers offers instant cash offers on houses nationwide. We do not provide legal or financial advice. For information on foreclosure, eviction or any other legal situation make sure you contact a local attorney.


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Author: Ryan Cruz

Ryan received his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the University of La Verne. Ryan has a strong passion for marketing and the real estate industry while leading and managing all online marketing efforts for Max Cash Home Offers.

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