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You Know You’re an Atlanta Landlord When…

Atlanta is a city that prides itself on innovation, excitement, and an intake of Coca-Cola that is truly impressive. However, when it comes to the commitment to a landlord, people tend to be unable to find the same sense of loyalty- which tends to be a major hassle for an Atlanta landlord.

Of course, there are always good tenants, that remind you why you embarked on this adventure in the first place. Nevertheless, if you are in the trade, renting to tenants in A-Town, you’re sure to connect with these 8 signs that only a select few can truly understand.

You know you’re an Atlanta Landlord When…

1. There Are Only 6 Days in Your Week

If you’re lucky, there are six days in a week for the Atlanta landlord, because at least one of those days is completely consumed by your rental property. Although, some weeks, that number grows exponentially. Regardless of how much you try to get ahead of your duties, and be productive in your work week, there is always one unscheduled day, throughout which you are needed.

There is always a crisis and you must come to fix it right away.

2. Your Hands Are Perpetually Covered in Paint

DIY jobs have become your specialty and your keen eye has trained itself to notice even the smallest inconsistency, so that it can be fixed before the next showing. Whether you notice it five days, or five minutes before the prospective tenants are due to arrive, you are the person who is going to fix it.

After all, if you want a job done right, you do it yourself-which leaves your hands perpetually covered in paint. Sometimes, it’s even got a nice, even coating, because even your accidental swipes and drips must have an air of perfection, or they will be noticed and held against you when the price of rent is mentioned.

3. You’ve Actually Considered Paying $8K Or More for Eviction Assistance

When what once seemed completely unrealistic, is starting to look more like a landmass after days adrift at sea, you know your tenants have become too much to handle.

Fortunately, even considering this “option” isn’t enough to make you accept the deal. Yet, that doesn’t mean that the plague of tenants that have infiltrated your property doesn’t keep you up at night almost every night.

4. You’re on A First Name Basis with The Employees at Your Local Home Depot

You know you’re an Atlanta landlord when the Home Depot sales pitch of “You can do it, we can help,” no longer applies to you. After all, you know all the employees and they know you’ve got this. You’ve been fixing everything from sinks to light fixtures for years now.

Jerry in the paint department has even gone to lunch while you mix your colors.

5. You have More Tenant Cell Contacts than Friends or Family

When your phone rings, especially during that limited period where you have a moment to yourself, you cringe-since, the people who you would like to talk to, are generally living in your home with you. This is because you have more tenant cell contacts than you have friends and family.

Thus, the likelihood of someone calling you for a matter that isn’t business related is slim-to-none.

Yet, you still answer the phone, because you know that it’s your duty. However, every time, you secretly consider how bad it would be for you to “lose” your phone for a little while, just so that you can take a nap in peace.

6. Your Vacant Properties are Always Up for a Showing

With a fifty-two percent turnover rate across Atlanta, you are always getting your vacant properties ready to be shown. There is never a moment of peace when you have any amount of vacant properties, because there’s always something to be done- and never enough time left to do it.

So, you work long hours, straining your keen eye to ensure perfection, only to be whittled down in price negations for the rental agreement because of some obscure perceived deficiency.

7. Your Tenants are Consistently “Displeased” with Your Cost

Being in the rental business, you, more than anyone, are aware of the high costs of maintaining a property, as well as the high rent cost to make it worthwhile-even minimally. Of course, you want to be able to provide the best price, to good tenants, but it doesn’t matter of what you do, or how ridiculously fair your offer is, tenants are never happy.

8. You’ve Considered Selling Your Property Multiple Times

Atlanta is a place that is filled with wonderful, creative, and intelligent individuals. Unfortunately, it can be a rare occurrence, when you find a family of those lovely people that make you happy to be their landlord.

Thus, you have stayed up at night, running figures in your head, trying to justify cutting your losses, simply so that you won’t have to answer to your tenant’s every beck and call, ever again. You toss it back and forth in your mind and you try to come to terms with the reality of what you’d be giving up.

Still, the sheer amount of times you’ve considered selling your property is starting to outweigh the positives of the extra income stream-if it can even be considered that, anymore.

For those landlords that find themselves fed up with the status quote and would like to abandon the real estate ship before it sinks, Max Cash Home Offers is your safe harbor. We can offer you a cash price on most Atlanta homes and generally can seal the deal-with cash-in-hand, in a matter of days.

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Author: Ryan Cruz

Ryan received his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the University of La Verne. Ryan has a strong passion for marketing and the real estate industry while leading and managing all online marketing efforts for Max Cash Home Offers.

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